Draw an angle of measure $ 147^{\circ} $ and construct its bisector.

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To do:

We have to draw an angle of measure $147^o$ and construct its bisector.


Steps of construction:

(i) Let us draw a line $l$ and mark a point $O$ on the line $l$

(ii) Now, by placing the centre of a protractor at point $O$ let us mark a point $A$ at an angle of measure $147^o$.

(iii) Now, let us join the points $O$ and $A$.

(iv) Therefore, $\overline{OA}$ has the required angle of measure $147^o$ with the line $l$.

(v) Now, by taking compasses with any radius let us draw an arc from the point $O$ and let this intersects point $A$ and the line $l$ let us mark the point of intersection with line $l$ as point $B$.

(vi) Now, by taking the compasses of radius greater than half of $\overline{AB}$ let us draw an arc inside the $\angle 147^o$ and line $l$ from point $A$ and $B$ respectively.

(vii) Let us point the point of intersection of these arcs as $C$. Now, let us join the points $O$ and $C$.

(viii) Therefore, the required bisector of $\angle{147^o}$ is formed.

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