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Course Description

Python is one of the open-source languages that can be used like C, C++, Java, and other programming languages. The programming language is highly popular and used by most of the people due to their increased amount of application. The Python language is used in multiple instances including for building multiple applications, testing applications, as a programming library, and also as a paradigm for multiple programming languages like OOPs and C. Also most people consider Python to be much better than Java and equal to C, C++ programming language. Python is one of the latest technology-based programming languages and learning it will be an added bonus in your resume. The Python code once created can be reused again just by making small modifications. Since Python language is compatible with most of the operating systems they are used widely all over the world. Learning Python can be an added advantage for creating software and applications easily.

Our course offers nearly 5 hours of video tutorials that are highly informative with practical descriptions. Our video tutorials clearly explain the basic concepts of Python, the structure of Python, and also about various types of coding involved in Python like using If else, loop, string program, List, Tuples program, various functions, etc…. The course also provides a detailed explanation on Database Management using Python programming language. The entire video tutorial is available in Tamil making it easier for you to understand the concepts in your own mother tongue. Also, the entire concept is explained by using a step by a step video tutorial which makes it easier for you to understand and also so work on the side while listening. This course covers the entire concept of Python programming language in detail. So when you complete this course you will be ready for working outside in any of the software-based companies as a software developer or software tester. There are multiple job opportunities for Python language and learning it will allow you to get a job immediately. Even though programming languages like C and C++ are common among students it is also essential to keep up with the latest technology software. So learning Python language will be an added advantage for you at the workplace where other people would have the knowledge of only programming languages like C and C++.

What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This course is completely about Python programming language and the entire concept is explained in the form of video tutorials. Basics are one of the most important requirements for any topic and so our course will also start with the basics that describe the features, history, and structure of the Python programming language. The remaining intermediate and high-level tutorials explain the coding search and also about the database management concepts involved in Python programming language. With the help of this course, you can easily become a software developer and tester. This course is highly suitable for people having extra free time and willing to learn something useful for the future.

What you will learn in this course?

At the end of this course, you will be skilled enough to create your own form of coding and also perform various types of data analysis and rearrangements using the Python library and data present in Python. This course explains in detail how you can alter the existing Framework present within the libraries and change them according to your basic requirements. Learning this course will allow you to gain a job in some of the popular companies in the world. Python is one of the famous languages existing in the software world and learning it will be beneficial for you and your future.

How will this course help you to get a job?

Python is one of the most famous programming languages that is currently trending in the market of the software industry. Learning Python will increase your job opportunities since it is one of the most used programming languages and also so much easier and efficient when compared to other programming languages like C and C++. Learning Python will allow you to work as a data analyst, educator, and also as a software developer in multiple fields and industries. So learning python will increase your job opportunities and you can easily start your own company after completing this course.

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

After completing this course there are multiple opportunities in the market. You can apply for multiple jobs including a software developer and tester. While the work of a developer involves developing or creating new applications with the help of Python programming language the tester mainly focuses on eradicating the issues present in the completed applications before submitting it to the client. Since Python programming language has a lot of libraries open source you can always perform multiple data analysis and Research using this programming language which allows you to become a data analyst or a financial advisor. This programming language is also used in multiple fields including medicine. So the job opportunities for this programming language are high. Learning this language will provide you with multiple choices in relation to your job. Now you can choose your own pathway rather than moving towards an available pathway.

So stop thinking and apply for the paid version of the Python programming language and start learning for a bright future. Before subscribing make sure that you view our free basic tutorials and if satisfied subscribe for the paid version immediately.

Who this course is for:

  • CSE Students - Software Interviewers except CSE students to have good knowledge in the latest technologies.
  • Non CSE Students - Added advantage for Non CSE Students while hunting for jobs
  • People who are eagerly searching for jobs
  • Software employees who are ready to update their knowledge and willing to promote for higher positions


  • Students will learn all Python & Django Concepts

  • Students will learn to create a web application using Django


  • No need to have any prerequisite knowledge. We will teach you from the basics.

  • Students should have good configuration Laptop/PC

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  • Introduction To Django
  • How Web Application Works
  • What is Request & Response
  • What is Status Code?
  • What is Virtual Environment?
  • Django Environment Setup
  • Django Environment Setup in Detail
  • How To Create Django Project
  • How To Work With Created Django Project
  • Basic Set of Django Project
  • How To Create Model?
  • How To Migrate?
  • How To Use View in Django?
  • App Routing in Django
  • Django Template Engine
  • Django for Loop
  • Django if Condition
  • Django DB Value
  • Django Context Object
  • Django Form Model
  • How To Do Validation?
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Django Course in Tamil
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  • 21 Lectures
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  • Language Tamil
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