Diu Fort - Overview

Diu Fort was built in 1535 by Portuguese to protect themselves from the invasion of Mughals, Gujarat Sultanate, and Rajputs. The rule of Portuguese was started in 1537 and ended in 1961 though India got independence in 1947. The Indian Government launched Operation Vijay and forced the Portuguese to leave India.



Diu is a Union Territory of India that is governed by Central Government of India. It was under Portuguese till 1961. Diu was a very important trade route of Arabian Sea. In 1509, there was a battle between Portugal and forces of four countries. Portuguese tried to annex Diu in 1513, 1521, 1523, 1531 but were unsuccessful. So they made a peace treaty with Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1535 who allowed them to build Diu Fort.

Visiting Hours

Tourists can visit the fort from morning at 8:00am to 6:00pm in the evening. It takes around two to three hours to visit the whole fort. The fort is opened on all days of the week.


There is no entry fees to visit the fort.

Where to Stay?

There are many hotels and resorts where tourists can stay. The hotels can be divided into various categories like star hotels, budget hotels, luxury hotels etc. Diu also have resorts and bungalows where tourists can stay.

Best time to visit

Diu has a very pleasant climate and the people can visit the place all the year round. If the climate is considered then Diu can be visited from October to May. If festivals are concerned then Diu can be visited during the months of October and November as Navratri is celebrated during this time.

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