Difference between Unit Test vs. Integration Test

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What is the Unit Test?

Unit tests are carried out by programmers to evaluate the unit of code (aka module, component) that he or she has created. It is a way of checking single components of source code to see whether they're suitable for usage. Because issues are found early in the development lifecycle, it significantly reduces the expense of fault repairs.

What is Integration Test?

Integration testing is carried out by testers and examines the interoperability of software elements. It is a software testing approach in which separate program units are merged and tested as a group. Integration testing is aided by the usage of test stubs and test drivers. There are two methods for performing integration tests: bottom-up and top-down.

The following is a thorough comparison of the two

Unit testIntegration test
The goal of unit testing is to evaluate every component of the software and demonstrate that the individual components are accurate.The goal of Integration Testing is to join components in an application and test them as a group to ensure that they are all operating properly.
It's similar to White Box Testing.It's similar to Black Box Testing.
It may be done at any moment.It is often performed after Unit Testing and before System Testing.
Unit testing simply evaluates the operation of the units and may miss integration faults or other system-wide problems.When modules are combined to construct the entire system, integrating testing may discover flaws.
It all begins with the module definition.The interface specification is the first step.
It focuses on the behavior of individual modules.It is concerned with module integration.
Unit testing does not ensure that your code appropriately interacts with external monitoring.Integration tests ensure that your program appropriately interacts with external dependencies.
It is normally carried out by the programmer.It is normally carried out by a test team.
It is simple to locate mistakes.It is tough to locate mistakes.
The cost of unit test management is low.The upkeep of integration tests is costly.

Key Difference

  • Unit testing examines individual pieces of source code to check whether they're suitable for use, whereas integration testing examines the integration of software components.

  • Unit testing examines each component of the program to ensure that the individual components are right, whereas Integration testing integrates multiple modules in the application and tests them as a group to ensure that they function properly.

  • Unit testing begins with the specification of the module, whereas integration testing begins with the specification of the interface.

  • Unit testing may be done at any time, but integration testing comes following unit testing and before system testing.

  • The programmer does unit testing, while the testing team does integration testing.

  • Faults in unit testing are quickly identified, however, problems in integration testing are hard to detect.

  • ntegration testing is a type of white box testing, while unit testing is a type of black-box testing.

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