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DBMS Course For GATE Exams

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DBMS Course For GATE Exams

Database Management Systems (DBMS) for GATE Exams: Comprehensive course for beginners and experts

updated on icon Updated on Jun, 2024

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English [CC]

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Lectures -179

Duration -14.5 hours



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Course Description

The GATE exam is a national-level entrance exam for admission to master's programs in engineering and science. The DBMS section of the GATE exam is one of the most important sections, and it covers a wide range of topics, including database design, query languages, transaction management, and database security.

This online video course will teach you everything you need to know to ace the DBMS section of the GATE exam, from beginner to expert.

If you are preparing for the GATE exam, and you want to ace the DBMS section, this online video course is the perfect place to start. The course is comprehensive and covers all aspects of DBMS, from beginner to expert. With this course, you will be well on your way to achieving your dream of getting into a top master's program in engineering or science.

DBMS Course For GATE Exams Overview

The term "database management system," or simply "DBMS," refers to the technology used to efficiently store and retrieve user data while also implementing the necessary security precautions. The E-R model, relation model, relational database design, functional dependencies, normalization, transaction management, concurrency control, recovery, reliability and storage, file structure, and many other facets of DBMS are all covered in this course.

Students who are preparing for the GATE Exams in particular may benefit from this tutorial's extensive study based on the relevant syllabus and helpful advice on how to correctly answer questions about the GATE Exams.


  • Database design: Entity-relationship diagrams, normalization, database constraints

  • Query languages: SQL, relational algebra, and tuple calculus

  • Transaction management: ACID properties, concurrency control, and deadlock handling

  • Database security: Access control, encryption, and data integrity

  • Get hands-on experience with DBMS concepts

  • Build a strong foundation in DBMS for your future career

  • Prepare for the GATE exam and other competitive exams


  • Basic knowledge of computer science

  • Basic knowledge of programming

  • Familiarity with mathematics, including sets, functions, and relations

DBMS Course For GATE Exams


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

11 Lectures
  • play icon DBMS - Course Overview 04:06 04:06
  • play icon DBMS - Introduction 02:53 02:53
  • play icon DBMS - Database System Applications 03:14 03:14
  • play icon DBMS - Database System Versus File System 09:46 09:46
  • play icon DBMS - Data Abstraction 04:12 04:12
  • play icon DBMS - Instances and Schemas 04:52 04:52
  • play icon DBMS - Database Users and User Interfaces 03:47 03:47
  • play icon DBMS - Database Administrator 04:27 04:27
  • play icon DBMS - Data Models 08:22 08:22
  • play icon DBMS - Database Languages 05:05 05:05
  • play icon DBMS - Database System Structure 07:50 07:50
Database Design with E-R Model
22 Lectures
Formal Relational Query Languages
26 Lectures
Introduction to SQL
26 Lectures
Functional Dependencies and Normalization
23 Lectures
Physical Data Organization
31 Lectures
Query Processing & Optimization
2 Lectures
Transaction Processing and Concurrency Control
24 Lectures
Reliable and Reliability
11 Lectures
System Architecture
2 Lectures

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