DAX Time Intelligence - LASTDATE function


Returns the last date in the current context for the specified column of dates.


LASTDATE (<dates>) 


Sr.No. Parameter & Description


A column that contains dates.

Return Value

A table containing a single column and a single row with a date value.


The dates parameter can be any of the following −

  • A reference to a date/time column.

  • A table expression that returns a single column of date/time values.

  • A Boolean expression that defines a single-column table of date/time values.

Constraints on Boolean expressions −

  • The expression cannot reference a calculated field.

  • The expression cannot use CALCULATE function.

  • The expression cannot use any function that scans a table or returns a table, including aggregation functions.

However, a Boolean expression can use any function that looks up a single value, or that calculates a scalar value.

When the current context is a single date, the dates returned by the DAX FIRSTDATE function and DAX LASTDATE function will be the same.

As DAX LASTDATE function returns a table that contains a single column and single value, it can be used as a parameter to any DAX function that requires a table in its parameters. Further, the returned value can be used wherever a date value is required.


= LASTDATE (Sales [Date])