Databases Hacking

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Course Description

Databases are essential for any business, particularly online businesses. Protecting databases is a very critical task as it make the reputation at risk. Nowadays, most medium to large websites has databases in different kinds, such as username databases, passwords, financial databases, sale databases, etc. This course is designed for absolute beginners, so we will start from scratch. we assume that you do not have any prior knowledge of database hacking.  This course is highly practical, but we will not neglect the theory.  we will start by having an introduction to databases and SQL then we will build the required cybersecurity lab as follows

1- download and Install VMware 

2- download and Install VirtualBox

3- download and Install Kali Linux

4- explorer Kali Linux

5- Download and Install Metasploitable2, so we have a vulnerable web application to practice everything in save and legal environment

 6- Download and Install Microsoft Windows Virtual Machine.

After that, we will learn some essential system commands, especially, Linux commands  

then we will start practicing database hacking as follows

1- test URL link

2-list all available databases

3-access and list tables in databases

4- access and list columns in the databases

5- dump data from databases

6- access all password hashes 

7-hack entire databases by using wizard options

8- Access the information schema 

9-Use SQL language to hack databases and perform SQL Injections

10 Master SQLMAP for assess the databases

11- Much more details in the course


  • Build Cyber Security Lab
  • Learn Databases Ethical Hacking Approaches
  • Practice Databases Hacking


  • No Prerequisites have required for this course for beginners.
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  • Introduction
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Databases Hacking Methods
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Databases Hacking
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