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Core Java for Beginners

person icon Vinayak Nayak


Core Java for Beginners

Designed for complete beginners

updated on icon Updated on Apr, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Vinayak Nayak

category icon Java,Development,Programming Languages,Programming

Lectures -45

Resources -9

Duration -9.5 hours



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Course Description

This course is designed to be suitable for complete beginners. It starts with steps to install required software and editor. It has details of OOPS concept with detailed examples and great explanation. It covers all important concepts of Core Java. You will learn about History of Java, OOPS, Arrays, Control structures, Objects, Collections and many more concepts.

At the end of the course you will be able to confidently write Java programs on any of the topics. You will develop skills to do analysis of the problem statement and come up with a solution in Java.

This course will be regularly updated. 

This course is designed for Complete beginners, Students, Professionals who want to kick start their career in IT or experienced professionals who want to brush up their knowledge in Java.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in Java
  • IT Professionals
  • Students who want to kick start their career in IT


What will you learn in this course:

  • Introduction to Core Java,History of Java, Origin of Java, Java Virtual machine, Features of Java

  • Control Structure, loops, Array, Multi dimensional array, What is Class, Method, Object , Constructor, OOPS Concept,super, Method, Parameters inside method, return

  • Encapsulation,Inheritance, Method Overloading, Method Overriding,use of final

  • Exception Handling

  • Interface and Abstract class,Inner class and Anonymous class

  • String,String Builder,Scanner,Buffered Reader

  • Collection Framework


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No prerequisite. We will start this course at beginner level. No programming language knowledge is required.
Core Java for Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Core Java fundamentals
24 Lectures
  • play icon History, Origin of Java and JVM 16:25 16:25
  • play icon OOPS, Write first Java Program 16:15 16:15
  • play icon Java Tokens, Data types and Variables 19:16 19:16
  • play icon Operators 11:02 11:02
  • play icon Typecasting 08:12 08:12
  • play icon Control Structures 16:51 16:51
  • play icon Control Structures Part 2 14:37 14:37
  • play icon Array 06:51 06:51
  • play icon Array continue 12:33 12:33
  • play icon Two dimensional array 06:24 06:24
  • play icon Class and methods 09:58 09:58
  • play icon Return 14:16 14:16
  • play icon Package and Class Member access 17:17 17:17
  • play icon Constructors 21:05 21:05
  • play icon Static in Java 15:10 15:10
  • play icon Encapsulation, Inheritance, Method Overloading and Method overriding 26:29 26:29
  • play icon Interface and abstract class 12:06 12:06
  • play icon Interface and Abstract class Part 2 12:33 12:33
  • play icon String in Java 11:06 11:06
  • play icon String Builder and String Buffer 17:23 17:23
  • play icon Scanner and Buffered Reader 08:45 08:45
  • play icon Inner classes and Anonymous classes 13:17 13:17
  • play icon Type Inference using var 09:12 09:12
  • play icon Lambda expression and Predicate 06:48 06:48
Exception Handling
4 Lectures
7 Lectures
Collection Framework
10 Lectures

Instructor Details

Vinayak Nayak

Vinayak Nayak

Have 11 years of IT experience in the field of Software development. Have worked on various domain like Finance, Energy, Health Care, Retail and Fuel and Convenience. Passionate about teaching latest technology. Experience in all phases of Software development and Software testing.

Have trained many students offline on various technologies. Good knowledge on Java,Python,R, Big Data,SQL,Unix and Machine Learning concepts. Currently working in a Multinational company.Have delivered software Products to Global clients and loves to share knowledge with others.

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