Complete HTML/CSS Course 2022


Course Description

This course covers the interests of both beginners and advanced developers. You will learn how to build websites and make them responsive using HTML5 and CSS3. It covers over 50 HTML elements. 

It also teaches CSS from basics  up to CSS Grid, Flexbox, Transition, Animation. This course backs every explanation with coding example(s). Finally, it has projects built right in your face which you can follow along and have projects built at the end of the course. 

So this is the place to start your coding journey, you will have such a smooth sail with our ever-ready guidance. The beginning lessons are made for beginners so if you are completely new to this, you will learn all that you need to forge ahead.

For those who are already familiar with the basics, you may want to skip to your section(s) of interest.

At the end of this course, you will be able to build cool modern websites, make them responsive, and deploy them on the World Wide Web. You will also be ready to take on CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.

And if you decide to take on other frontend technologies like JavaScript, it will be a smooth sail. This course is the foundation you need. Here is what you will learn:

  • How the Web Works

  • Definition of Terms

  • Downloading and Installing Google Chrome

  • Downloading and Installing Visual Studio Code

  • Introduction to HTML

  • Anatomy of HTML

  • Tags

  • Attributes

  • Elements

  • Boilerplate

  • Heading Element, Paragraph Element, Break Element and List Element

  • Detail Element, Summary Element, Emphasis Element and HR Elements

  • Anchor Element, Article Element and Aside Element

  • Working With Media files

  • 15. Blockquote Element, Button Element, Del Element and Ins Element

  • Iframe Element, Progress Element, Label Element, Small Element, Span Element, Sub and Sup Elements

  • Table Element, Div Element, Nav Element and Section Element

  • Form Element and Footer Element

  • Introduction to CSS, Adding CSS to HTML

  • Selector, Property, Value

  • Declaration, Declaration Block, CSS Rule

  • Selectors (Element, Class, and ID selectors)

  • Specificity

  • Pseudo-selectors

  • Advanced Selectors

  • Colors

  • Opacity and Gradient

  • Background Properties

  • Units in CSS

  • Fonts

  • Google Fonts

  • CSS Box Model

  • Shadow

  • Display Property

  • Project (Building a Landing Page)

  • CSS Flexbox

  • Working with Flex Items

  • CSS Grid

  • Transition Property

  • Transform Property

  • Animation

  • Media Query

  • Project (Building a form)

  • Project (Building a form, collecting and accessing data from the form)

  • Project (Building a dashboard)

  • Project (Building a Modern website, Uploading and using images from cloudinary)

  • Project (Making the website responsive)

  • Deployment (Git and Netlify)


  • Learn How to Setup a Local Development Environment
  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Combine HTML and CSS to build a real-world responsive website.


  • This Course does not have any prerequisites. It covers the interests of absolute Beginners and Seasoned Developers.
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  • Introduction
  • Definition of Terms
  • How The Web Works
  • Summary of Course Content
  • Setup of Local Development Environment
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Complete HTML/CSS Course 2022
This Course Includes
  • 12.5 hours
  • 47 Lectures
  • 17 Resources
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
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