Compare the functioning of alveoli in the lungs and nephrons in the kidneys with repsect to their structure and functioning.

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Alveoli of lungs and nephrons of kidneys are the basic structural and functional units of lungs and kidneys.

Alveoli occur in the respiratory system and nephrons occur in the excretory system. The cell wall of alveoli and nephrons is surrounded by blood capillaries and thick in nature.

Alveoli are small air sacs or cavities present in the lungs of human beings. They are also referred to as pulmonary alveoli. Alveoli are present at the end of the tiny branches of bronchioles, in the lungs.

Alveoli provides the surface within the lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide from blood during breathing in and breathing out.

The nephron is the basic unit of the excretory system. Each nephron contains a renal corpuscle and a renal tubule. The renal corpuscle consists of capillaries called the glomerulus, enclosed by a Bowman's capsule. At first, blood containing waste like urea is filtered by the glomerulus and is termed glomerular filtration.

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