Burp Suite Mastery: Bug bounty hunters perspective

Learn Burp Suite community edition to use it effectively as an Ethical hacker, web security tester or Bug bounty hunter.

Course Description

Course at a glance

Welcome to this course! Bug bounty hunting is on the hype nowadays. most security researchers are hunting for bugs and earning bounties in day to day life. it becomes crucial to know the right set of rules and know the right methodologies to hunt for bugs. in most of the cases, researchers uses Burp suite community edition that gives fine-grained tools and strategy to assist in hunting and finding bugs on the target platforms.

In this case, many people who is new to bug bounty hunting is not following the proper approach to get the best results. many people even don't know how to use Burp suite effectively. using burp suite properly will give you right set of positive results that are harder to find if you don't have knowledge to use burp suite.

This course: Mastering burp suite community edition: bug hunter's perspective is the perfectly focused over how Burp suites can be used in an effective way to enhance the hunter's ability to find more bugs. having the flexibility to take down the web applications, it is updated over time hence creating a space for this course to be updated once a new major updates are released.

This course contains following:

Course materials

  • Burp suite's learning (Best for bug hunters)

  • 7+ Hours of Videos lessons

  • Self-paced


  • Free Online Labs from Burp suite's creator

Who this course is for:

  • Security Researchers
  • Aspiring bug bounty hunters
  • Ethical hackers
  • Web application penetration testers
  • Security analysts
  • Anyone who wants to master the Burp suite community edition


  • Burp suite community edition

  • Complete burp suite tools

  • Bug finding techniques

  • Effective use of burp suite

  • Burp methods

  • web security testing methods

  • Burp Intruder

  • Burp Manual analysis

  • Burp Internals functionalities

  • Burp Macros

  • Session handling rules

  • Turbo intruder

  • Burp projects

  • Burp customisations

  • Best used extensions by bug hunter

  • Best payload types

  • Attack types

  • XSS methods

  • Analysing session tokens

  • Handling anti-csrf tokens in attacks

  • Comparing site maps for access control attacks

  • Intercepting mobile device traffic using burp

  • Manipulating request header automatically

  • Resources for bug bounty hunters

  • Invisible proxying with burp suite

  • And how to use burp suite effectively


  • HTML, Web applications understanding is required

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  • Lab environments and burp installations
  • Burp CA certificate for SSL/TLS
  • Burp suite versions and academy
  • Burp suite walk through - Basics
  • Intercepting proxy and site map configs
  • Intercepting mobile device traffics
  • Invisible proxying for non-proxy aware clients
  • Using Hotkeys for burp suite
  • Authentication bypass and information disclosure - LAB
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Burp Suite Mastery: Bug bounty hunters perspective
This Course Includes
  • 7 hours
  • 27 Lectures
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  • Language English
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