Badami Caves - How to Reach?

Badami caves are located at Badami which is a small town but is well-connected by road and rail network to major cities of India. There is no airport in the town but Belgaum and Hubli are nearest airports from where flights frequently depart and arrive from major Indian cities.

Badami Caves Map

The distance of some of the cities from Badami is as follows −

  • Badami to Mumbai

    • By rail – 665km

    • By road – 595km

  • Badami to Solapur

    • By rail – 234km

    • By road – 220km

  • Badami to Hubli

    • By rail – 125km

    • By road – 105km

  • Badami to Hyderabad

    • By rail – 491km

    • By road – 424km

  • Badami to Dharwad

    • By rail – 125km

    • By road – 101km

  • Badami to Bagalkot

    • By rail – 26km

    • By road – 38km

  • Badami to Pune

    • By rail – 496km

    • By road – 451km

  • Badami to Bijapur

    • By rail – 128km

    • By road – 120km

By Air

Badami is a small town and does not have an airport. The nearest domestic airports are Hubli and Belgaum and nearest international airports are Bangalore and Hyderabad. From these cities tourists can come to Badami through road or rail transport.

By Train

Badami has a railway station but very few trains pass through the town. But still the town is connected to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Solapur and some other cities. Belgaum and Hubli are nearby cities and are well-connected by railway network.

Badami Caves By Train

By Road

Badami is well-connected to nearby cities through road transport. Tourists can catch government and private buses from Badami to reach these cities. National highway 4 and national highway 218 pass through the town which connects it to nearby cities.

Local Transport

Tourists can move in and around Badami town by using local transport which include taxis, auto rickshaws and tongas. Along with these, bicycles on rent are also available to move around.

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