Ajanta Caves - How to Reach?


Ajanta caves can be easily reached from Aurangabad and Jalgaoncities. Aurangabad is 99km away from Ajanta caves while Jalgaon is only 59km away. Aurangabad is wellconnected to Indian cities by air, rail, and road transport.

Ajanta Caves Map

The approximate distance of Aurangabad from various cities is as follows −

  • Aurangabad to Mumbai

    • By air – 265km

    • By rail – 253km

    • By road – 327km

  • Aurangabad to Jalgaon

    • By rail – 273km

    • By road – 161km

  • Aurangabad to Hyderabad

    • By air – 433km

    • By rail – 508km

    • By road – 540km

  • Aurangabad to Bhusaval

    • By rail – 272km

    • By road – 164km

  • Aurangabad to Nagpur

    • By air – 426km

    • By rail – 621km

    • By road – 487km

  • Aurangabad to Pune

    • By air – 212km

    • By rail – 426km

    • By road – 230km

  • Aurangabad to Manmad

    • By rail – 52km

    • By road – 114km

By Air

Aurangabad has an airport which is 10km from the city and its name is Chikkalthana airport. The airport is well connected to Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi. People can reach Aurangabad through flights and hire a cab or take a bus to Ajanta caves.

Ajanta Caves by Air

By Train

Aurangabad is well-connected to major cities of India through railway network. Many trains of long and short routes have stoppage here and people from various cities can come to Aurangabad by train and then take a bus or taxi to visit Ajanta caves.

Ajanta Caves by Train

By Road

Aurangabad bus station provides buses to many major cities. The bus stand is located on Jalgaon road in front of Lemon Tree hotel. The buses connects Aurangabad to Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and other major cities.

Ajanta Caves by Road

Local Transport

Tourists can move around Aurangabad through auto rickshaws and local buses. Besides these, there are various agencies in the city from where tourists can book taxis for a fixed period of time and move in and around the city.