Aihole - Jain Temples

There are Jain temples in Aihole as some of the Chalukya rulers were the followers of Jainism. Some of these temples are as follows −

Meguti Jain Temple

Meguti Jain temple has never been completed since the starting of its construction. Ravikriti, a courtier of Pulakeshin II, has constructed this temple between 634 and 635AD. The temple is dedicated to the 24th Tirthankara of Jains whose name was Mahavira. Sandstone is used to construct the temple and it is considered as the oldest temple. The temple is constructed on a raised platform and devotees can reach the temple through a staircase which further leads to the mukhamantapa.

Meguti Jain

There is one more shrine on the roof that is above the main shrine in the hall. There is an entrance from portico that leads to a chamber which is divided by a wall. While going up, devotees will reach the second chamber that leads to a large hall and in its center a sanctum is there. An image of Jina can be found at the back of the sanctum. Another thing in the temple is the circumambulatory path which connects the chambers.

Charanthimatha Group of Temples

Charanthimatha group of temples has three shrines with a portico so it is known as trikutachala. The temple is based on Kalyana Chalukya architecture and was built between 11th and 12th centuries. Two basadi with one porch are also there and each basadi has the statues of 12 tirthankaras.

Jain Cave Temple

If devotees or visitors come from the direction of Badami or Pattadakal, then they can see Jain cave temples at the entrance. The temple is built on the banks of Malaprabha river. Inscriptions in Kannada can be found near the cave.

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