How to Reach Aguada Fort?

Tourists can reach Goa by road, rail and air transport. The airport for Goa is around 29km away from Panaji. Goa doesn’t have its railway station but there are three stations nearby from where tourists can reach Panaji through road transport. Goa is well connected to various cities through road transport. Some of the nearby places with their approximate distance from Goa are as follows −

Goa to Hubli

  • By air - 117km
  • By rail – 173km
  • By road – 159km

Goa to Kolhapur

  • By air - 154km
  • By rail – 354km
  • By road – 238km

Goa to Pune

  • By air - 357km
  • By rail – 492km
  • By road – 473km

Goa to Mangalore

  • By air - 283km
  • By rail – 362km
  • By road – 358km

Goa to Belgaum

  • By air - 78km
  • By rail – 135km
  • By road – 130km

By Air

Goa has its airport situated in Dabolim which is around 29km away from Goa. The airport is called Goa International Airport or Dabolim Airport. The airport is also shared by military airbase named INS Hansa. The airport has two terminals in which Terminal 1 is for domestic flights while Terminal 2 is for international flights. Domestic flights connect Goa to Hyderabad, Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai while international flights connect Goa to Gulf, Arab, Oman etc.

By Rail

Goa does not have its railway station but nearest railway stations are Madgaon, Vasco da Gama, and Thivim. Madgaon is 28km away from Goa while Vasco da Gama is 46km away. The distance between Thivim and Goa is 60km. All the stations and especially Madgaon is well connected to many parts of India.

By Road

Goa is well-connected to different cities through road transport. Tourists can catch bus from Pune, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Mangalore, etc. and reach Kadamba bus stand at Panjim. Tourists can also book taxis and come to Goa.

Local Transport

There are many modes of local transport which the tourists can use to roam around Goa. There are motorcycle taxis where the rider called AOPilot takes you for a trip inside Goa. These motorcycles are black in colour with yellow mudguards. Auto rickshaws are also available to move around Goa. Besides these, rented bikes, rented cars and taxis are also available.

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