About Advertising

9.5 million people are reading 22 million pages every month


Origin Percent
India 37.70 %
United States 23.2 %
Germany 12.1 %
United Kingdom 11.6 %
Pakistan 3.1 %
Australia 1.39 %
Others 11 %

Source: Google Analytics

Who should advertise ?

If you are in one of the following businesses, then your product would definitely get lot of attention:

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Desigining
  • SEO Consultancy
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Designing
  • Software tools and utilities
  • Online Business ( B2B or B2C)
  • Consultancy & Technical Supports
  • Certification Exams
  • Books and Magazines

Revised Advertisement Pricing

Revised advertising pricing is given below and you can choose one of the scheme based on your comfort.

Simple Text Links

Simple text links would be displayed in a small frame on the right hand side of every tutorial page.

Text Line Prices
1 Line upto 20 characters / Month $500
1 Line upto 20 characters / 6 Months $2500
1 Line upto 20 characters / 12 Months $5000

Link Building

Paid links would be given a rel=nofollow attribute, according to standard Google search engine guidelines.

How To Order?

Simply email at webmaster@tutorialspoint.com or use Contact Us Form.

How To Pay?

Credit Cards will be accepted

Payments can be made by Credit Card or by PayPal

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