A study found that children with light-coloured eyes are likely to have parents with light-coloured eyes. On this basis, can we say anything about whether the light eye colour trait is dominant or recessive? Why or why not?

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No. From the limited information about having light-colored eyes parents and light-colored eyes children, it cannot be predicted whether the light eye color is a dominant or recessive trait.

However, as both children and parents have light eye color, it is possible that light eye color is a recessive trait. 

If the light-colored eye is a dominant trait, then there are two possibilities

(i) In homozygous light-eyed parents, all the children are light-eyed children,

(ii) In heterozygous light-eyed parents, some of the children can be recessive dark-eyed (3:1 ratio).

Mendel's law of dominance:

In heterozygotes, one trait will suppress the expression of another trait for the same characteristics. 

An allele that expresses its characteristics in all the situations (homozygous or heterozygous) is known as a dominant allele and the allele which is expressed only in its pure form is known as a recessive allele.

Dominant genes are the genes that are expressed in offsprings whether they are present in a heterozygous form (Tt) or homozygous (TT) form.

For example, in the height of the plant, 'T' denotes tallness and 't' denotes dwarfness of the plant. T is dominant over t in the pea plant.

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