Making RFC call from COM/OLE object in SAP


To communicate between SAP systems, there is a need to define a mechanism. One of the most common ways is to define Remote Function Call (RFC Connection) between two systems. By creating a trusted RFC connection between two systems, it allows you to create trusted-trusting relationship between systems wherein, you can communicate and exchange information and data.

There are different types of trusted RFC connections.

  • Type 3 Connection
  • Type I Connection
  • Type T Connection

To know more about SAP RFC connection types, you can refer our SAP Basis tutorial link:

SAP Basis Remote Function Call

Let us come to case mentioned, OLE object with RFC function has a member table. One example table is shown below −

Object rfcFuncObject = functionCtrl.Add("RFC_CUSTOMER_GET")
Object rfcTable = theFunc.tables
Object customerItem = rfcTable.Item("CUSTOMER_T")

Refer this link for more details:


Published on 06-Dec-2017 21:34:17