Anonymous Methods in C#

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Pass a code block as a delegate parameter in C#, using the Anonymous methods in C#. Anonymous methods are the methods without a name, just the body.

This is how you can declare Anonymous methods −

delegate void DemoMethod(int n);
DemoMethod dm = delegate(int a) {
   Console.WriteLine("Our Anonymous Method: {0}", a);

As shown above, the following is the body of the anonymous method −

Console.WriteLine("Our Anonymous Method: {0}", a);


You can try to run the following code to implement Anonymous methods in C# −

Live Demo

using System;
delegate void Demo(int n);
namespace MyDelegate {
   class TestDelegate {
      static int num = 10;
      public static void DisplayAdd(int p) {
         num += p;
         Console.WriteLine("Named Method: {0}", num);

      public static void DisplayMult(int q) {
         num *= q;
         Console.WriteLine("Named Method: {0}", num);
      public static int getNum() {
         return num;
      static void Main(string[] args) {
         Demo dm = delegate(int x) {
            Console.WriteLine("Anonymous Method: {0}", x);
         //calling the delegate using the anonymous method
         //instantiating the delegate using the named methods
         dm = new Demo(DisplayAdd);
         //calling the delegate using the named methods
         //instantiating the delegate using another named methods
         dm = new Demo(DisplayMult);
         //calling the delegate using the named methods


Anonymous Method: 15
Named Method: 20
Named Method: 80
Published on 24-Jul-2018 07:11:52