9 Sexy Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

When you get to know each other better, it might be tempting to get into a rut when it comes to sex. Sex loses its excitement and becomes routine. At some point, you begin to fear that you'll have to provide in-bed entertainment for your companion.

You may provide fresh vitality to your love life if it has grown stagnant. Turn your boring, routine time in bed into an exciting, memorable adventure by playing some bedroom activities you'll discuss all day.

9 Sexy Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

1] Truth or Dare

Transform the classic of adolescent sleepovers into a hot game for two. Your creative faculties are the sole prerequisite.

You should start by putting down at least five dares; they may be ridiculous or meant to lighten the atmosphere. Furthermore, sensualize yourself. You should ask if your spouse answers "truth" and you want to know the solution.

Do something interesting and entertaining. As the game goes on, you two may want to get dressed in revealing lingerie and have a bottle of wine.

2] Red Light, Green Light

A green light implies proceed, and a red light means stop. Play this simple game in the bedroom following these guidelines. During playing, choose a leader. Prepare by settling in and dressing comfortably. After calling out "green light," the person in command will begin a leisurely countdown from 20. After the leader gives the "green light," everyone else in the group may start touching their partner in any way they choose. They can keep going till the commander says so. A successful touch may keep them from focusing long enough to reach this number.

3] Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Nothing will do the trick quite like a sensual treasure hunt if you need sex toys to get you in the mood. Hide all the sex objects you can locate before your boyfriend gets home. This includes items that can serve double duty, like whipped cream. Ensure your spouse knows where everything is concealed by giving them a list when they arrive home. Tell them they have five minutes to discover anything to use against you, and then whatever they find may be theirs. Please don't waste time trying to conceal something you know they'll want to utilize; make it easily accessible.

4] Painting for Pleasure

Whoever says that a couple who paints together stays together clearly hasn't tried a creative day of body painting together. Find body paints at shops selling high-end cosmetics and cosmetic tools. Kama Sutra offers a two-pack of chocolate-flavoured body paints, one dark and one milk.

Painting each other's bodies with edible dusting powder and then sucking off the delectable chocolate makes for a delightful and erotic game. Instead, sundae syrups like butterscotch, strawberry, caramel, and chocolate may be used to create homemade body paints.

5] Guess The Object

Playing a "Guess That Item" game is a great way to stimulate your senses before you really start making out. The rules of play for this game are straightforward. Choose one of your teammates to blindfold. Get this reliable helper to lay down and cover their eyes, perhaps with something alluring like a silk scarf. You may start pushing things against their body once you know they can't see. Roll each item over their skin, paying special attention to the folds of skin below their knees, on their tummy, or anywhere they feel it's necessary. It's up to your spouse to figure out what you're caressing them with. Go imaginative with everything from the cuisine to the landscaping.

6] Seven Minutes in Heaven

You probably recall the adolescent film Seven Minutes in Heaven. While most people give up their titles as champions of "seven minutes in paradise" once they enter college, you need not do so. For what reason? You'll be a lot more proficient after this. In all honesty, you know what you're doing. Bring your grown-up self out of retirement and give this a go. Take your cuddle buddy by the hand and lead them into a dark room. Turn down the lights and give yourself seven minutes to have your way with them, starting above the clothing. When the timer goes off, stop (or at least make an effort to stop) so they don't become bored.

7] Answer or Strip

Playing this game is a lot like playing truth or drink. The object of the game is to expose your partner first. As in truth or drink, if your spouse refuses to answer your intimate questions, they must remove an item of clothing. You may also consume alcohol at this time. Ask your companion some cryptic and risky questions and how soon they strip. It's a fun and exciting approach to get your lover undressed before you have sex together.

8] Kinky Cards

Some intimate games don't call much preparation. Use kinky cards if you're looking for a quick and dirty way to spice up your bedroom time but are short on spare minutes. You'll need a basic deck of playing cards and maybe a friend to play with. Place the deck of cards in the middle of the floor or the bed and play a game of cards with your companion. Choose an action for each suit in the deck. You may have two hearts kissing, two clubs massaging, two diamonds sucking, etc. Toss the top card of the deck and take turns reading it. Your partner has to do you in whatever suit seems to be the current fad. A good player can withstand temptation for four or five turns before giving up.

9] Flinch

To play this sex game, you and your partner sit across from each other and gradually move closer together. If your opponent flinches first, they are already defeated and at your mercy. Everyone may be turned on by the game because of the way it creates tension. Intimacy between partners increases trust and affection in a relationship, which is great for both couples' sex lives.


Establish guidelines before engaging in sexual activities. Each player in a two-player game should be able to call it off for any reason.

The "safe word" may be used at any moment by any player to signal the end of the game. Couples must have enough mutual respect to finish the game when one partner says "safe word" without arguing.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023

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