Your Guide To Healthy Meal Planning And Prep For Seniors

You will discover a myriad of tips and best practices that make planning and preparing healthy meals simple.

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In a world populated by fast food chains and eating out, processed food-like items full of toxins, additives and addictive chemicals are the norm. At the same time, the typical 21st century adult is busier than ever before. While automation and technology are meant to free mankind from toil and stress, they have done the opposite... we have less free time than people in the past.

Much of our day is dominated by staring into electronic monitors and screens. We sit more than stand, we are sedentary and inactive, and children now develop "adult" diseases. The increasing risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health issues have created what the World Health Organization calls an epidemic of health problems we have never seen before.

In 2008, obesity in the US caused a recorded $147 billion in medical costs. Just 4 years later diabetes medical costs had bloomed to $245 billion. This condition, and others, is directly linked to overweight and obesity, physical symptoms linked with a long list of chronic diseases and illness. And while we used to believe that exercise could "offset" poor nutrition to a great extent, we now know that bad eating habits can't be overcome with all of the jogging and weightlifting in the world.

If that sounds pretty grim, and it should, there is a simple answer... healthy meal prepping.

This healthy eating guide makes a simple proposition - to save you time and money while replacing poor health risks and realities with overall health and wellness. That begins with education, understanding what and how to eat for physical, emotional and mental health. You will discover a myriad of tips and best practices that make planning and preparing healthy meals simple. And, also, preparing meals you actually want to eat.

There are apps and websites that can help you along the way, and you will receive a few simple recipes that promote good health. Coincidentally, you will discover exactly why you should prep days of nutritious meals in advance, if the scary health facts and figures from earlier are not enough motivation. Finally, you will formulate a shopping list, and uncover the frugal beauty of bulk buys.

If you are ready to avoid the 21st century curse of poor health so many profit-seeking food manufacturers have put on you and your family, let's get started by going back to school.

Continuing if you aren’t convinced:

Back in the introduction I highlighted the big 3 reasons you should be planning and prepping healthy meals ahead of time. You can save time, you can save money as well when you shop sales and buy in bulk, and you benefit from overall health and well-being. It is also easier to resist temptations when you plan your meals in advance, shop accordingly, and keep your belly full of healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Meal prep is all about planning.

When you work out your schedule, and that of your family, you can shop and prepare your meals properly. This allows you to have healthy snacks around when the kids and grandkids get hungry, and can keep you from reaching for unhealthy processed food and sugar-filled snacks if you get the munchies throughout the day. It also means eating a lot of plant-based foods, which are full of dietary fiber that cleans out your system and fills you up quickly.

Who this course is for:

  • This series of lectures is designed primarily for senior citizens or those of us in our silver and golden years but the principles taught can be used by anyone desiring to live a more healthy lifestyle


  • You will discover exactly why you should prep days of nutritious meals in advance

  • You will learn the importance of Fat Protein and Carbs in you diet and how to plan a week of meals to obtain a healthy balance of all three.

  • I present a plan for choosing meals and recipes that you want to eat but are also healthy and nutritious and can be prepped a week in advance.

  • I will give you some aids in creating a healthy shopping list before you head out to the store

  • You will receive a list of healthy fun foods to eat that can be purchased in bulk, prepped at home for a week of meals that you just pull out of the freezer.

  • I will even give you suggestions on No-Cook Healthy Meals from recipes to planning and prep.

  • All this and more in this easy to understand series of lectures and a fun menu and menu ideas to get your fitness off to a great start


  • There are no requirements for this course other than the ability to change when you see a real need.

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  • Introduction
  • Preparing Healthy Meals in Advance Requires Education
  • Why You Should Meal Prep
  • Choosing Your Meals And Recipes
  • Create A Shopping List
  • Healthy Bulk Cooking Recipe Ideas
  • Other Tips For Planning Your Menu Ahead
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Your Guide To Healthy Meal Planning And Prep For Seniors
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