XPath, CSS Selector, Web, DOM, SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio

Learn A to Z about XPath, cssSelector, WebElements, Shadow DOM, iframes, SVG, complex automation scenarios, SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio.

Course Description

A Course to improve Knowledge & Productivity. This course has covered everything what I teach in Live SelectorsHub Training.

Topics covered in this course-

  • XPath concepts and Writing XPath from basic to advance.

  • Writing all kinds of XPath like XPath relative to other element, Relative XPath to Parent, index based xpath, XPath with attribute & text and absolute xpath.

  • Detailed explanation about important functions of XPath like text(), . dot, normalize-space(), not(), !=

  • Difference between //* and //tagname

  • Importance concepts about web like pseudo elements, comment, what is possible and what is not possible for web elements

  • XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 

  • Shadow DOM, iframe, SVG, different technique to write xpath.

  • How to automate and handle more complex scenarios like shadow dom inside iframe, iframe inside shadow dom, multiple shadow dom inside iframe etc.

  • How to automate closed shadow dom

  • Handling all kinds of web elements like dynamic, invisible dropdown and submenu etc.

  • How to handle spin loader

  • cssSelector, JS Path, jQuery

  • Full training on SelectorsHub,

  • How to write automation script smartly,

  • Full training on TestCase Studio.

  • How to complete manual testing without wasting much time and smartly.

  • Bug reproducing techniques and a lot more.

  • Interview preparation and questions on XPath & Selectors.

  • After each class, practice questions and exercise will be shared. We will also discuss the exercise questions.

  • Writing Axes Based XPath, XPath for Web Tables etc will be taught..


  • Deep concepts of XPath
  • Deep concepts of cssSelector, shadow dom, iframe, svg, web tables
  • All about web elements, DOM, required knowledge of DOM for automation tester.
  • Complex automation scenarios like shadow dom, nested shadow dom, shadow dom inside iframe, iframe inside shadow dom etc.
  • SelectorsHub and TestCase Studio
  • How to write XPath, Selectors smartly without wasting any time
  • How to inspect & write selectors for invisible dropdown, spin loader, submenu etc.
  • Automating the complex scenarios like multiple shadow dom, iframe inside shadow dom
  • Automating more complex scenarios like multiple nested iframes, shadow dom inside iframe, nested shadow root inside iframe
  • Deep concepts about web automation & selectors like what is possible to automate & what is not
  • Tricks to automate impossible things like closed shadow dom
  • Interview questions related to xpath, selectors, web elements and DOM.


  • Very basic knowledge of automation like selenium or cypress or WebDriver IO or playwright or any automation tool.
  • If you know how to open browser through automation that is more than enough for this course.
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XPath, CSS Selector, Web, DOM, SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio
This Course Includes
  • 8 hours
  • 23 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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