Write opposites of the following :
(a) Increase in weight
(b) 30 km north
(c) 80 m east
(d) Loss of Rs 700
(e) 100 m above sea level

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 6

To do:

We have to write the opposite of the given statements.


(a) The opposite of increase is decrease.


The opposite of increase in weight is decrease in weight.

(b) The opposite of north is south.

 Therefore, the opposite of 30 km north is 30 km south.

(c) The opposite of east is west.

 Therefore, the opposite of 80 m east is 80 m west .

(d) The opposite of loss is gain.

 Therefore, the opposite of loss of Rs 700 is gain of Rs 700.

(e) The opposite of above is below.

 Therefore, the opposite of 100 m above sea level is 100 m below sea level.

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