Write each of the following decimals in words.
(a) 0.03
(b) 1.20
(c) 108.56
(d) 10.07
(e) 0.032
(f) 5.008

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 6

To do:

We have to write the given decimal numbers in words.


(a) 0.03 in words is,

Zero point zero three.

(b) 1.20 in words is,

One point two zero.

(c) 108.56 in words is,

One hundred and eight point five six.

(d) 10.07 in words is,

Ten point zero seven. 

(e) 0.032 in words is,

Zero point zero three two. 

(f) 5.008 in words is,

Five point zero zero eight.

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