Write a short paragraph on the harmful effects of microorganisms.

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Microorganisms are helpful as well as harmful in nature. Few harmful microorganisms include fungi, bacteria, protozoa, etc. These organisms are responsible for causing diseases in humans, animals, and plants, and can also cause death.

Microorganisms are responsible for infectious and non-infectious illnesses (e.g., gastric ulcers and some cancers). Pathogens are harmful microbes that cause damage to the human body and also spoil the food we consume. Harmless organisms may transfer antibiotic resistance genes or serve as reservoirs for them. When injected into the body, microorganisms may elicit pyrogenic responses (fever) even in the absence of illness.

Harmful effects of microorganisms:

Bacteria: Multiple illnesses, such as typhoid, diarrhea, and cholera, are caused by bacteria.

Fungi: Causes several illnesses in plants and animals, including rust diseases in plants, apple fruit rot, red rot in sugar cane, and ringworm disease in humans.

Algae: Algal boom in water (rapid growth of algae) leads in the death of aquatic species due to their toxicity after death.

Protozoa: Causes amoebic dysentery, pyorrhea, and sleeping sickness, among others.

Virus: Viruses cause rabies, small fox, the common cold, influenza, herpes, hepatitis, and polio.

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