Write 3 sentences on what comes to your mind when you chance to see the following.
  1. A rag picker.
  2. A cow eating a polythene bag.
  3. Foul odour emanating from garbage at the entrance of your house.

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 6

(1) A rag picker:


  •  A rag picker represents poor people or poverty around us.
  • He removes the garbage generated by us by sorting out the recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste.
  • He is exposing himself to the harmful substances generated by solid waste.
(2) A cow eating a polythene bag:

  • A cow eating a polythene bag shows irresponsible behaviour of humans towards the disposal of garbage in the form of a polythene bag.
  • A cow eating polythene is exposing itself to hazardous material generated from the garbage.
  • There is a possibility of polythene bag choking in the gut of an animal which can lead to its death.
(3) Foul odour emanating from garbage at the entrance of your house:

  • A foul odour emanating from garbage at the entrance of our house represents the production of a large quantity of waste.
  • It shows our irresponsibility towards garbage disposal, as we are expecting others to clear the waste generated by us.
  • The foul garbage shows unhealthy surroundings with an unpleasant sight which would lead to the spread of diseases. It shows the irresponsible behaviour of the municipality concerned as they should get the garbage cleared from the city.
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