Would the bulb glow in the circuit shown in Fig. 12.15?

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A circuit in figure 12.15.

To do:

To determine whether the bulb glows or not in the given circuit.


Let us observe the given circuit in figure 12.15.

Components of the circuit:

The following components are used in the given circuit-

1. One electric bulb

2. One electric cell

3. Two connecting wires 


In the given Fig. 12.15, the circuit is complete and closed. Both positive and negative terminals of the electric cell are connected correctly to the terminals of the electric bulb through connecting wires.

Whether the bulb glows or not:

In the given circuit all components are arranged correctly. The bulb will glow in the circuit if the current flows through the given circuit. The following conditions are necessary for the bulb to glow in the given circuit.

  • The cell is charged.
  • The bulb is not fused
  • Connecting wires should be a good conductor of electricity
  • The connection is not loose.


Therefore,  the current will flow through the circuit and the bulb will glow.

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