Workshop Technology OR Machine Shop Theory

Learn about Metal cutting,Lathe Machine,Shaper,Planer,Slotter,Drilling Machine and Milling machine in a concise way.

  J Aatish Rao

   Teaching & Academics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Language - English Published on 01/2021


A mechanical engineering undergraduate and graduate always tend to skip learning about Machine Shop. However this subject is as much crucial as Thermodynamics,Strength of Material,Fluid Mechanics and other important subjects.

The purpose of this course is to take a novice, a person with no Machine Shop or Workshop experience, and within duration of this course teach them about various Machine tools as such Lathe Machine,Shaper,Planer,Slotter,Drilling Machine and Milling machine in a concise way. 

What Will I Get ?

  • Metal cutting mechanism - Chip formation,Types of cutting tool,Tool signature,Cutting tool nomenclature
  • Lathe Machine - Types,Construction,Accessories and attachments,Specification,Mechanism,Operations,Taper turning,Drilling on lathe,Cutting speed and Feed
  • Drilling Machine - Construction,Types,Twist drill geometry,Operations and Mechanism,Specification,Cutting speed and Feed
  • Shaper - Working principle,Construction,Types,Mechanism,Operations
  • Planer - Types and working principle
  • Slotter Machine - Construction,Operations
  • Milling Machine - Working principle,Milling methods,Milling cutters,Types,Specification,Operations,Indexing and dividing head.


  • Just a keen and curious mind.

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