Why should paper be saved? Prepare a list of ways by which you can save paper.

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Paper is manufactured using wood pulp which comes from trees. Therefore, to manufacture paper, a large number of trees are cut. Trees and plants in the forest form the first level of the ecosystem that is they are the primary producers. Trees also play a very important role in maintaining atmospheric gases by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. By saving paper, we can reduce deforestation, and save the forest as well as the environment.

Methods to save paper:

1. While writing on the paper, make a habit of writing on both sides of the paper. Utilize the spaces in the paper extensively.

2. Spread awareness of the importance of saving paper.

3. Utilize electronic resources for reading and writing wherever possible.


Trees give us oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air during the process of photosynthesis. This oxygen is used by all living beings during respiration. This is why trees are important for the environment and we should plant more trees.

Furthermore, trees act as a cleaning agent as they keep the environment clean by removing carbon dioxide from the air and maintaining a gaseous balance.

Causes of deforestation:

1) Expansion: if people want to settle somewhere and no land is found there, they can cut off the trees and settle there.

2) Medicines: Medicinal plants are often cut off to make medicines.

3) Industries: Industries need heavy wood to perform their activities. So they cut the forests for wood.

Consequences of deforestation:

Deforestation leads to climate change, soil erosion, flooding, desertification, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, increment in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, loss, and extinction of species, changes in weather patterns and climate, and an increase in conflict among humans and wildlife.

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