Why lesser known cricketers are given the role of selecting the Indian cricket team?

Well, this is what the irony in India. Those who have expertise in a certain discipline are always kept away from it and those who have nothing to do with it are crowned, which eventually destroys the whole offshoot. This is the only reason we now see Kapil Dev and other efficient cricketers sitting in the commentary box and waste their energy rather than constructing new talent. Why go far, none of the current committee members and even the chairman have played more than 6 test matches. Can you believe it?

Why These Cricketers Get Such Roles?

You must have heard that saying, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.” Politics in India prevails everywhere, especially in the departments from where they can make money. Such players, first of all, come into cricket administration through some political favors and start eying such positions, which they eventually get one day.

Although there are many; however, following are some of the individuals I find never deserved to be a selector −

Current Committee Members

  • M. S. K. Prasad (Chairman)
  • Devang Gandhi
  • Sarandeep Singh
  • Jatin Paranjpe
  • Gagan Khoda

Old Selectors

  • Ranjib Biswal
  • Raja Venkat
  • Anil Deshpande
  • Sanjay Jagdale
  • Saba Karim
  • Chandu Sarwate
  • T. A. Shekhar….and many more.