Why is there a need for conserving water? Give two reasons.

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There is a need for conserving water because :
(i) The demand for water is increasing day–by–day with a rise in the population, but the amount of water available for use is very limited.
(ii) The level of groundwater is decreasing drastically, which would lead to extreme water scarcity in the near future.

Extra information:
Careful and economical use of water and avoiding its wastage is called conservation of water. It includes all the activities, policies, and strategies to sustainably manage fresh water. It means using less water and recycling used water so that it can be used again.

Given below are some suggestions for conserving water:
  1. To practice the '4Rs' of water conservation: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replenish.
  2. Planting trees: Trees and forests help in causing rainfall. So to conserve water, we should plant more and more trees.
  3. Rainwater harvesting: by collecting rainwater in tanks and ponds or by constructing check dams.
  4. Reforestation: as forests and other vegetation cover slow the surface runoff and replenish groundwater.
  5. Use only the required quantity of water during washing and cleaning purposes.
  6. Fix drips by replacing worn-out tap washers.
  7. When farming, use better methods of irrigation like the drip method for the conservation of water.
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