Why is that Air Conditioners consume so much electricity?

It is a common complaint that electricity bills are at soaring high due to the consumption of so much electricity by Air Conditioners.

Here are the top 5 reasons, which result in huge electricity bills.

  • Dust in Air Filter: This has to be cleaned periodically as the dirty air filter can lead to overheating of motor and compressor.

  • Leaks in the ducts: Leaks in the ducts make the thermostat work for a longer time which will increase the electricity bill.

  • A problem in the parts: If there are any problems in the parts, then the electricity bill will go up.

  • Old System: If the AC becomes old, it tends to work inefficiently, thereby increasing the current bill.

  • Bad Maintenance: Bad installation and bad maintenance can also cause high electricity bills. To prevent, you have to get the parts cleaned at intervals, check for leaks and change the worn out part immediately.

Let us try to check the condition of AC periodically to avoid paying exorbitant electricity bills.