Why is parallel arrangement used in domestic wiring?

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Series arrangement is not used for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit because of the following reasons:

1. In a series connection, if one electrical device stops working due to some defect, then all other devices also stop working as the whole circuit is broken.

2. In a series connection, there is only one switch is used for all electrical devices due to which they can not be turned on and off separately.

3. In a series connection, all the devices do not get the same voltage as the voltage gets divided in a series combination.

4. In a series connection, the equivalent resistance increases too much because of which the amount of current flowing becomes very small.


Different electrical appliances in a domestic circuit are connected in parallel due not in the series because of the following reasons:

1. In a parallel connection, if one of the appliances is switched off or gets fused, there is no effect on the other appliances and they keep on operating.

2. In a parallel connection, separate switches are used for all different electrical appliances due to which they can be turned on and off separately.

3. In a parallel connection, all the electrical appliances are operated on the same voltage i.e., the main supply voltage.

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