Why is Bodh Gaya known for black magic?

Black Magic is generally practised by Tantriks with an intention of inflicting negativity into a person’s life. The activities done using black magic are mostly palpable which might result in some detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental status. In most cases, the Tantriks invite evil soul and makes offerings and things related to the person on whom this should be done. The things can be like a piece of cloth from the dress of that person, hair or nails of that person etc. These are evil practices and there are many types of these that are practised in different parts of the world.

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is the Buddhist pilgrimage site which has Mahabodhi Temple complex situated in Gaya district of Bihar. It is the place where the Bodhi tree under which Gowtham Buddha has attained Enlightenment is present. The Mahayana and Vajrayana are Buddhist traditions that are practised in several places. Those who meditate a lot to earn the stage of the bodhisattva, which means to attain complete Buddhahood, also have deep connections with this place. Previously there were many who have come to Bodh Gaya to sought of Bodhisattva stage and hence to achieve their higher goals.

The Existence of Sitatapatra

There was a lady deity called Sitatapatra who used to protect from supernatural dangers and the evil effects of black magic. Sitatapatra is venerated in both Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions. It was known that whoever meditates her mantra will attain protection against supernatural dangers and black magic. It might be because of this reason Bodh Gaya place was famous for Black magic.