Why is amnesia increasing amongst youngsters?

Amnesia is nothing but a partial or total loss of memory. Previously, before the digital age, Amnesia was only associated with people who are aged or suffering from some medical conditions.

Thanks to the invention of various electronic gadgets, youngsters are totally losing it out. You can observe that you remember your son's phone number, but he has to check his iPhone to tell your number. This is nothing but termed as Digital Amneisa.

The phenomenon of Digital Amnesia is observed among the youngsters who rely on their mobiles and laptops rather than their human memory. When I ask my son "Why don't you remember such small information"?, his answer made me dumbfound "When every information is available at the fingertips, why should we strain our brains to remember such trivial information?" is his logic.

But scientists and medical experts are worried about this increasing Digital Amnesia among the younger generation all over the world, and the drastic fall in their ability to think and remember.

Youngsters who are prone to Digital amnesia have the following characteristic features.

  • They are highly dependent on their gadgets and store all their data on phone, laptop or other technological devices.

  • Indulging in digital media all the time and alienated from physical activities like socializing, participating in family functions and occasions, spending time with family members etc.,

  • Spending more time on the internet chatting rather than meeting the friends personally.

  • Become restless and unable to spend even a few minutes without their gadgets and the internet.

If you notice such characteristics in your children, talk to them, counsel them and try to help them to come out of such addictions or take help of a therapist as early as possible.