Why does any government start makeover of cities when they have foreign delegates visiting the city?

It was a very common experience during childhood for most of us, that mom used to emphasize the cleanliness of the house, a few hours before the arrival of some relatives. Does this mean that cleanliness is something you show off?

We will even admit that it is everyone’s duty to keep our place and surroundings tidy. But how many of us are really doing that?

Now, if you don’t know whether your house is ever-ready to greet some visitors, how you can really expect your city to be? Of course, the Municipal department is intended for this. But still, we do share our part of responsibility in keeping our city clean. In that case, there won’t be much pell-mell at the times of need.

Funded Overhauls

When it comes to the cities that are filled with potholes and battered roads, it is quite common that we notice the making over of roads and visiting places while expecting some important visitors in the town soon. Such overhaul is generally funded by the government which is mostly concentrated on the appearance rather than the durability. Unfortunately, though this is common all over the world, the degree of need depends.

Collective Responsibility

The government which completely feels the responsibility and acts accordingly from the first day will never have to worry about its sudden visitors. The presentation is what reflects the everyday maintenance. It is never a night-out kind of work, be it your house or a country.

Visitors take the imprint of the city and places they have visited along with them. This will be covered by the press in India and even abroad. We do not want to show our dirt roads and ill-maintained city to everybody out there. We agree that the city should always be maintained clean, but it will be possible only when every citizen cooperate.