Why do the packets of chips are filled with air?

Binging on chips has been a favorite time pass for many generations irrespective of the age. Kids, youngsters and even our oldies love to drool over this crunchy snack. But one thing that has been kept making these folks ponder upon the packet these chips are packed because it’s truly heartbreaking that the packets of chips have more air than chips inside it.

We always scratch our head and think why the hell these packets are kept half empty. Do you know why? There is a big reason behind it.

Actually, to keep the chips crisp for a long duration Nitrogen gas is put in the packets while getting them packed and the chips do not get damped. You must have noticed that if you keep the packet open for some time the chips inside get slightly moisten and they are no more worth eating. Therefore, to keep their lifelong as well as the flavor, companies give us some Nitrogen smeared with those crunchy bites keeping the pack half-empty.

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