Why do babies cry? What can make a baby cry?

Today most people expect babies to behave like adults since their birth. Every cooing or crying parents think has a medical concern and most of the parents want a medication to help their baby to stop crying.

Babies need constant contact with their parents and require timely attention. They try to show their emotions through the non-verbal cues they know. Crying is not always a call for feeding.

So, You Might Be Wondering: What Can Make A Baby Cry?

  • If he/she is hungry

  • If he/she is ill

  • If he/she is feeling uncomfortable

  • If he/she is feeling too hot or too cold

  • If he/she just want to play or want to go out, as they are bored with the same atmosphere

  • If he/she has colic- this problem is so serious that most babies are on anti-colic medicines nowadays