Why could you not use an elastic measuring tape to measure distance? What would be some of the problems you would meet in telling someone about a distance you measured with such a tape?

An elastic tape should not be used:

An elastic tape is made up of elastic. Elastic is a stretchable object, so the length of the elastic tape will change each time due to its elasticity and that would make it difficult to measure the distance.

Problems found with elastic tape:

An elastic tape should not be used to measure the length. If we try to measure the distance with the help of a tape made up of elastic material then the following problems are found:

1. While measuring a distance we have to tell someone how much tape is drawn which is difficult to measure. This leads to wrong measurements.

2. We cannot manually measure how much the tape is stretched.

3. If you measure the length of an object twice using an elastic tape, you may get different values of the same length each time. This is because elastic tapes are stretchable.


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