Why are Pushkaralu meant to be sacred for Hindus?

In India, we have 12 major rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Saraswathi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Bhima, Tapati, Tungabhadra, Sindhu, Pranhita for which the Pushkaram festival is celebrated for each river according to the zodiac sign of that river. The 12 days after the Jupiter enters that particular zodiac sign will be the Pushkaram/Pushkaralu which is a 12-day festival for that river. Hence Pushkaralu comes for every 12 years.

What is Pushkaralu?

According to the Hindu Mythology and Astrology, all the sins committed till now and in the past life will vanish, if a person takes a dip in the holy water during the time of Pushkaralu. Pushkaralu or Pushkara or Pushkaram comes once in 12 years for any of the 12 major rivers of India.

Pushkar is believed to be a sage, who knows Jala tattva sidhi ( the science of water) and he is the theerthapalaka (ruler of holy waters) who enters each of the rivers once in every 12 years and resides for first 12 days and last 12 days of Jupiter presence in their zodiac signs.

When Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of a particular river, the first 12 days are considered as Aadi Pushkaraalu and when Jupiter exits the zodiac sign of that river, those last 12 days are considered as Antya Pushkaraalu. The zodiac signs of those rivers are mentioned in the below table.

AriesGanga River
TaurusNarmada River
GeminiSaraswathi River
CancerYamuna River
LeoGodavari River
VirgoKrishna River
LibraKaveri River
ScorpioBhima River
SagittariusPushkara River
CapricornTungabhadra River
AquariusSindhu River
PiscesPranahita River

Benefits of Pushkaralu

Let us know some scientific facts.

  • The Sun-spot cycle which enhances the Earth’s magnetic field during a certain time (correlates with this Pushkaram time) magnetizes the river water and enhances the healing power through the water.

  • Such healing power will be equal to the power acquired through meditation. Hence Snana (bath), Japa (chanting), Archana (perform puja), Dana (charity) and Dhyana (meditation) are all done at such times, to enhance the power and purity of mind, body, and soul.

  • The magnetic power acquired and stored in water at the time of Pushkaralu will be high during the early morning before sunrise and in the noon at 12 pm.

So, Pushkaralu is considered as the sacred period to take a holy dip in the river waters to purify the body and the soul. Pushkaralu is different from Kumbhamela which is held for every four years, only for a few major rivers of India.