Who were the major rulers of Gupta Dynasty?

The Golden Age or The most flourishing age, Gupta Dynasty witnessed some of the greatest rulers in 320-550 CE.

  • Initiator: The Gupta Dynasty was started by Sri Gupta who ruled in c. late 3rd century (probably from 240-280 CE).

  • Ghatotkash: Srigupta’s son was Ghatotkash who does not have any major achievements to his name.

  • Chandragupta I: Ghatotkash was followed by Chandragupta I(320- 335 CE), who was the first sovereign ruler of this empire. He married Licchhavi Princess Kumaradevi, in order to expand his empire through whatever regions he received in the dowry. At the end of his reign, the boundary of the Gupta Empire had extended to Allahabad.

  • Samudragupta: Samudra Gupta was the successor of Chandragupta I. He was not his eldest son but by far the most competent amongst them all by proving himself to be a military genius, a great conqueror and a most successful commander. He remained undefeated throughout his life, so Dr. V.A. Smith has called him ‘Indian Napolean’. He conquered the territories of the rulers of the Ganges-Yamuna-Doab, but not by obtaining in dowry as his father, but by winning in battle through his physical strength and the strength of his military empire.

  • Chandragupta II: Samudragupta’s successor Chandragupta II (380 – 414 CE) was a benevolent king, able leader, and skilled administrator. The proof of his benevolence is that many charitable institutions, orphanages, rest houses, and hospitals were opened during his reign. Administrative setup also got some change as the large kingdom of his was divided into smaller provinces and heads were appointed to take care of them. He extended the limits of his empire by marriage alliance and conquests( following the footsteps of his earlier predecessors-Samudragupta and Chandragupta I).

  • Kumaragupta I (412-454 A.D.) He did not achieve any military success, and Hunas attacked in his reign.

  • Skandagupta: He who succeeded Kumargupta I was perhaps the last powerful Gupta monarch who threw Hunas back. He has also conferred the title of Vikramaditya.

Thus, the Gupta Empire might have had numerous rulers, but the above are the major rulers of this dynasty.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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