Who represented congress in the second round table conference?

The three Round Table Conferences which were held between November 1930 and ended in December 1932 were a series of conferences organized by the British Government. The purpose of these conferences was to discuss the constitutional reforms in India. The Second Round Conference opened on September 7, 1931.

None other than Mahatma Gandhi represented the Indian National Congress and Sarojini Naidu represented Indian women in the second round table conferences. Madan Mohan Malaviya, Sir Mirza Ismail Diwan of Mysore, S K Dutta and Sir Syed Ali Imam and few others also attended this conference.

The second round table conference faced an overwhelming number of Indian delegates which included loyalists, careerists, big landlords, communalists, representatives of the Princes etc. This conference was known as the first Conference arranged between the British and the Indians, hence the Indian National Congress, the Muslim League, the Hindu Mahasabha, the Liberals, and even Princes attended this second round table conference.