Who is Pharyl Knight?

Pharyl Knight is part of the editorial team at Everyday Health. She contributes health articles in Everyday Health. The dedicated, award-winning editorial staff at Everyday Health is committed to helping people on their daily quest to lead healthy life. And Pharyl is part of this editorial team that produces reliable content.

This content is developed on current, evidence-based health and medical information and real-world patient and clinician experience to help one learn how to take charge of their health by upholding the highest standards for accuracy, objectivity, and balance. They have helpful assistance from the Health Expert Network, and experienced and accredited health journalists like Pharyl. The team generates all materials like articles, graphics, videos, tools, and more.

At Everyday Health, Pharyl Knight oversees Behavioural Insights and Optimisation. In this capacity, Pharyl assists clients and internal teams in better-comprehending consumer attitudes and engaging them throughout their health journeys. She has worked in healthcare research and marketing for over six years. The multi-talented woman is enthusiastic about knowing why people act and think the way they do.

Pharyl worked in advertising before joining Everyday Health, where she created engagement tactics to spur client growth.

She graduated with a Master of Arts in Social Psychology of Communication and Interaction. Before this, she completed her Bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Social Psychology of Relationships.

Pharyl is a skilled researcher with a track record of transforming information and insight into workable solutions. She was in charge of data segmentation for programmatic targeting, primary research to understand consumer behavior, and digital campaign performance + optimization using data from Crossix, IQVIA, and Symphony Health. Pharyl is an expert at comprehending how people make decisions about their health and what motivates consumer interaction in the category with more than 7 years of expertise researching the health and wellness sector.

Some of her skills include strategic thinking, digital media, online advertising, survey management, consumer insight, data analytics, digital marketing, digital strategy, market research, data analysis, competitive analysis, and many more.

Work experiences of Pharyl Knight

Her work experiences include −

  • Strategic Planning Intern at Saatchi & Saatchi from June 2006 to August 2006

  • Assistant Account Executive at Grey NYC from September 2006 to December 2007

  • Training and Development Freelancer at Grey NYC from February 2008 to May 2008

  • Account planner at Seiden from January 2011 to November 2011

  • Engagement strategist at Seiden from November 2011 to October 2012

  • Market Research Analyst at Everyday Health Inc from April 2013 to march 2014

  • Market Research Manager at Everyday Health Inc from April 2014 to June 2015

  • Market Research Director at Everyday Health Inc from June 2015 to September 2017.

  • Head of Behavioral Insights+ Optimization at Everyday Health Inc from September 2017 onwards.

What is Behavioral Insight?

A deductive strategy called behavioral insights helps policymakers understand how human behavior affects societal and economic results. It blends concepts from psychology, cognitive science, and social science with empirically validated findings to learn how people make decisions. It propels itself through experimentation and piloting. And the lady's knowledge of Social Psychology and her past work experiences make it easy for her to handle her job at Everyday Health Inc.

Why behavioral insights are the ideal marketing partner?

Behavioral insights are effective in helping people make the best decisions for themselves in social and health-related contexts. Reasons, why Pharyl believes it to be the ideal marketing partner, is for the following reasons −

  • It forces you to concentrate on the behavior you wish to modify. Knowing this is essential to know what you can do to improve or change things.

  • It places people (your customers or users) at the center of everything because marketing activities based on the wants, behaviors, and goals of your target consumers are likely to resonate much better than those created when you decide what users want.

  • Several data sources, like web analytics, CRM, and search data, show behavioral cues. Right now, you have access to a vast amount of data. When used appropriately, this can give you information about your customers.

  • The 'test and learn' marketing strategy is appropriate because behavioral insights are a science. It is technically a branch within the overall behavioral science discipline. It means avoiding wasting time and money. It also highlights that marketing professionals need more time for testing, learning, and iterating different aspects.

Principles followed by Pharyl Knight

Some principles followed by Pharyl for her role as Head of Behavioral Insights+ Optimization at Everyday Health Inc include the following.

  • When exposed to one stimulus naturally shapes a reaction to another without further conscious instruction, it is called priming. When people come across words or visuals they are accustomed to seeing frequently, priming frequently occurs.

  • According to research, people are more likely to choose something when it is "free" as opposed to when it is "almost free." People can appreciate these in the same way they would if there was a cost associated with them even though there isn't one.

  • Social proof is based on the idea that recommendations from others, such as family, friends, peers, or other "influencers," such as celebrities, experts, or actual users or customers of a brand, are frequently heeded.

  • The framing effect is the idea that our decisions are influenced by the way they are verbally 'framed' or presented in particular contexts or circumstances. There are various kinds of framing, such as auditory framing, visual framing, value framing, and positive or negative framing.

  • Due to the anchoring effect, it is stated that an anchor point influences the decisions of individuals. An anchor is typically the first bit of information we learn or have exposure to in this context.

  • The scarcity principle states that when something is scarce or might soon run out, it becomes more valued or desirable to a person. It is developed on the fundamental economic tenet that a price rise can happen due to a decrease in supply and an increase in demand. Although ineffective use can drive purchase, scarcity in marketing is frequently unrelated to pricing.


With great working experience in different companies and her background in Social Psychology, Pharyl Knight has been making fantastic contributions to the health sector through her work.

Updated on: 11-Apr-2023


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