Who earn more: cricketers, or movie stars?

Well, it depends on the stature of the cricketer or film star. Let me give you a hypothetical scenario where we have our top cricketer and the Indian captain of all three formats, Virat Kohli. On the other hand, let’s take Salman Khan who, in my opinion, is the top star of Bollywood in terms of earning because other than Aamir he is the only star whose movies break all the Box Office records every year but I am not considering Aamir due to the fact that he brings a movie in 2-3 year and earns approx 300 cr from that but by that time Salman throws him out of the race.

Kohli And Salman

Besides, Salman does TV shows, more endorsements than Aamir or Virat Kohli, stage shows, dance in weddings, etc. While Virat Kohli’s earnings are solely from cricket, whether it is International or IPL and endorsements. Moreover, Virat claims that he endorses brands only which he believes in. Here are the full statics that will make you gape.

According to the estimate of Forbes Magazine, Virat’s brand value is $14.5 million while Salman is way ahead than his competitors with the whopping brand value of $39 million.