Which uses more energy, a $250\ W$ TV set in $1\ hr$, or a $1200\ W$ toaster in $10\ minutes$?

Given: Two devices- One TV set of $250\ W$ and a toaster of $1200\ W$.

To do: To find which device uses more energy,  a 250 W TV set in 1 hr, or a 1200 W toaster in 10 minutes.


Energy consumed by TV set $E_{TV}=power\times time$

$=250\ W\times 1\ hr$

$=250\ J$

Now, energy consumed by toaster $E_{toaster}=1200\ W\times 10\ minutes$

$=1200\ W\times \frac{10}{60}\ hr$

$=200\ J$

On comparing energies consumed by both devices, we find that $E_{TV}>E_{toaster}$

So, a TV set of $250\ W$ in $1\ hr$ uses more energy than the toaster of $1200\ W$ in $10\ minutes$.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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