Which of the following is not a natural fibre?
  1. Cotton
  2. Jute
  3. Nylon
  4. Flax

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Correct answer: (c) Nylon 

Explanation: Nylon is a synthetic fibre manufactured in factories using chemicals. Nylon is the first fully synthetic fibre. It was prepared from coal, water and air. It is very strong, elastic and light. Nylon fibres are even stronger than rayon fibres. They produce a stronger, more smooth fabric which is elastic and abrasion-resistant. It is very easy to wash and used for making a variety of things like socks, ropes, bags, curtains, parachutes etc.

Cotton, jute and flax are natural plant fibres.

Extra information:

Fibres are thread-like structures that are long, thin and flexible. These may be spun into yarns and then made into fabrics. There can be different types of fibres.

On the basis of their origin, fibres are classified as natural fibres and synthetic fibres.

Natural fibres- Natural fibres are the fibres that are obtained from plants, animals or mineral sources. Some examples are cotton, silk, wool etc. 

Synthetic fibres- Synthetic fibres are man-made fibres designed to make fabrics.

Eg. Nylon and Rayon

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