Which characteristic of the sound helps you to identify your friend by his voice while sitting with others in a dark room?

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To do:

To define the characteristics of the sound that helps to identify someone by his voice while sitting with others in a dark room.


The characteristics of sound that help to identify the sound of different voices are timbre and pitch.  By the quality or timbre characteristics, we can easily distinguish one sound from another having the same pitch and loudness. We can distinguish between the musical sounds produced by different singers on the basis of the characteristic of sound called pitch.

Let us know a little bout timbre and pitch of a sound wave:


Quality (or timbre) is that characteristic of the sound by which we can distinguish between sounds of the same pitch and loudness produced by different musical instruments (and different singers). The quality (or timbre) depends on the shape of the sound wave (or waveform) produced by it.


The characteristic of sound that determines the shrillness of sound is called 'pitch'. The Pitch of sound depends on its frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch of the sound. A low-pitched sound is known as a hoarse sound.

A Labeled diagram to represent the sound of a low pitch, and high pitch, of the same loudness:

Therefore, because of the difference in timbre and pitch of the sound wave, a person can identify the voice of his friend sitting with others in a dark room.

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