What would happen if the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down?

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In this condition, when the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down, the cell will lose it's covered or closed environment, encompassing the cytoplasmic fluid and performing various chemical reactions.

The cell will not be able to perform osmosis and diffusion-related processes in the absence of a membrane. Therefore, it will result in the loss of protoplasmic material, and the cell will eventually die.

The fluid mosaic model is used to describe the structure of the plasma membrane. This model was proposed by Nicolson and Singer in 1972. This model suggests that the plasma membrane is composed of lipids and proteins primarily.

However, small amounts of carbohydrates can also be found in the plasma membrane. The proteins of the plasma membrane can be integral or peripheral membrane proteins. These proteins move through the lipid bilayer, which gives the plasma membrane a typical fluidic nature.

The fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane can be represented as follows:

                                       Fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane.
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