What would happen if green plants disappear from earth?

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All the life forms on earth depend on plants directly or indirectly. Green plants provide food and oxygen to all other living organisms. If they disappear from the Earth, all other organisms will die due to starvation and lack of oxygen for respiration.

[Extra information:

Deforestation is the destruction of trees and forests for agriculture, human habitation, urbanization, mining, and industrial purposes, leading to devastating effects on the environment.

Trees and plants absorb water from the earth through their roots. This absorbed water goes back into the atmosphere through transpiration from leaves. Water vapor is the main cause of rain.

During deforestation, less water will evaporate into the atmosphere and thus can cause reduced rainfall.

The process of reproduction is necessary because it ensures the continuity of various plant or animal species on the Earth, and maintains stability by maintaining a proper balance among various biotic constituents of the ecosystem.]

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