What makes a person a champion at anything?

Being a champion is always great. But why not everyone is being one? Well, to be a champion, you need to have a target and work hard on it.

Let’s go down to simple thing about “working on it”. We always have someone in our friends or family who is so passionate about losing weight and getting in perfect shape in less time. How far did they succeed? Why do the strong initial enthusiasm and interest they have, get down so easily? Of course, it’s because they have been inconsistent. They give up at their initial hurdles only. How can a person who gives up at the bumps in the initial stage ever reach a final stage?

Be Consistent

Just like the above example, the dreams and desires we have should drive us passionate and should not let us be peaceful unless we take a baby step towards it, every day. Yes!! This “every day” means a lot. As a jug fills in drop by drop, a target is achieved when worked day by day. Consistency is not about perfection, but it is refusing to give up.

Keep Your Fears Away

Work on all the possibilities with a positive attitude. Never let your fears stop you from doing anything. What could be the maximum fear? Failure? That’s obvious until you succeed!!

Work Continuously

Work on your goal. Tell to yourself where you are going to be soon. Believe that you will be there and work on it consistently making daily improvements. It’s you who decide and needs to focus.

Keep Your Spirit Up

Keep working on your goal in small terms. Don’t keep high expectations on results and burden yourself with high goals. Let your daily goals be small and be sure to achieve them in sufficient time. Keep appreciating yourself for your small achievements and boost yourself towards your target.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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